Woah, what a year!

If you had of said to any of us at the start of 2016 that, by the end of the year we would have a commercially available beer on tap in some of our favourite Perth/Fremantle bars and pubs we’d have laughed at you! But here we are.

To say 2016 has been a learning curve for us is an understatement. When we all made the decision to start South Fremantle Brewing we had two goals. Learn something new, and see someone we didn’t know drink our beer in one of our favourite pubs and like it enough to get another. That was it.

In terms of learning something new that was going to be easy, as apart from our day jobs this was all completely new. For example, no one had made a website before, no one had much of a care with social media, no one had ever worked in sales before so walking into a bar and attempting to sell them our product was all a new experience. With lots of questions and reading and discussions as well as mistakes we’ve all learned something new, that we didn’t know before.

By far the most gratifying part of this experience has been the feedback we have received from not only the public, but bar managers, owners and staff as well as some industry heavy weights, brewers we all look up too and the general public. That first time sitting in a bar watching someone go back for a second, third and fourth pint of Session IPA was a pretty good feeling.

Some highlights for 2016 have been;

  • Getting a bunch of mates together to form a home brewers’ co-op in Fremantle. Then surprisingly, winning a few awards along the way.
  • Forming South Fremantle Brewing, with a bunch of mates, then spending the next four weeks arguing over whether we should have, or the positioning of the seagull in our logo.
  • Working with Mark and Trina at Three Rivers. We’d be nowhere if it wasn’t for these guys.
  • Getting our first guest tap and therefore launching South Fremantle Brewing, with our first commercially available beer, Session IPA.
  • Being involved with our first WA Beer Week Beer Fest. That was a fun weekend and again receiving great feedback from within the industry was amazing. Not to mention the great beers we drank at all the events.

That’s just a few of the things we can think of, off the tops of our heads.

So, what’s in store for 2017? More beers. Working on and expanding our core range. More events in the pipeline. Some interesting collaborations. More venues. More learning and more fun no doubt.

Yeew! 2016 you’ve been a ripper, take care and bring on 2017!

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