Despite the weather on the day, the SFB launch at Percy Flint was a huge success! We were all completely humbled by the turn-out and all the kind words and encouragement meant the world to us, so thank you all so much!

Also, a big thank you to those people we managed to get signatures from regarding our wholesaler’s licence application. We received nearly 200 signatures on the day! Massive effort! If you couldn’t make the day or we missed you, we have created an online petition for anyone who would wish to sign it and help with our application.


A couple of stats from the day that we think are worth sharing that have blown us away, but highlights the level of support we have received are;

  • Two kegs of our SESSION IPA ran out in under two hours, six kegs in total at the launch. We had anticipated going through maybe three on the day with one keg remaining on tap at Percy Flint after the launch, however we had to whip off and grab two “spare” kegs during the day. Both of which also ran dry. Meaning six kegs of SESSION IPA gone in under 5 hours!
  • We received nearly 200 signatures as a part of our licence application on the day and nearly 150 people wished to be put on a future mailing list (getting to that soon).
  • At one stage the line for the bar was out the door at Percy Flint! Sorry about the wait for a drink but that was amazing to see! We have since found out that our launch was bigger than Percy Flint’s opening, which is incredibly humbling and we can’t wait to work again with those legends on future events.

Also a big thank you to the team at Percy Flint as well as Wes, Jake, Vida and Micah for keeping the party going in the rain throughout the day in the court yard.

Post launch has been very busy for South Fremantle Brewing, Mainly on the business side of things. New venues, merchandise, more beer, future planning, a couple of parties and all those background things that we’re learning about as we move forward with this adventure.

We will have a couple of announcements about some events we will be a part of soon, so keep an eye out.

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