The Help

How did we get here?

As we head towards our launch at Percy Flint in a couple of days we have a few people we would like to acknowledge for helping us get to this daunting position.

Our inaugural beer release, our SESSION IPA is a re-worked version of a beer brewed by the formally mentioned Sunset Castle Brewing Co. This original beer we decided to enter into our very first competition at the Dutch Trading Co in Victoria Park for a bit of feedback, and to see how we were travelling. Turns out we did all right and received the ultimate ego boost,


as we actually won the event! That was a good feeling we wanted to have again so to prove it wasn’t a fluke a few weeks later this same beer won its second time at a competition in Margaret River. More on these awards in a future post.

After receiving these two awards a little idea popped in our heads. “Hey maybe we could try and get this beer on tap somewhere”, suddenly things were a little more serious. This idea was first given its legs after a few conversations with the guys at the Dutch Trading co, so thank you so much for putting the idea in our heads and for also being a genuine bunch of legends!

The brewing industry in Perth is incredible and the amount of knowledge and willingness to share your thoughts and wisdom to help someone is second to none. Probably the thing that excites us at SFB the most is now being able to join in and share our experiences to help others planning a start-up adventure. The Celebrations Superstore in Hamilton Hill, The Freo Doctor and The Old Bridge Cellars in North Fremantle have been a gold mine in terms of advice on the industry and how it works, not only providing a load of information but also taking a punt on us and stocking our SESSION IPA in various forms.

This Saturday as most people are aware is our Launch event at Percy Flint in South Fremantle. The guys down there have been incredibly accommodating with their venue for our launch and we look forward to a long time sitting around their bar having a beer in the future. They also had the honour of receiving South Fremantle Brewing’s first keg delivery, a milestone we are all incredibly pleased to have achieved.

The most important people to acknowledge for their help with the beginning of this adventure would have to be Mark and Trina at THREE RIVERS BREWING. To say they have been incredible is an understatement. From all the late-night emails, questions and advice they have provided to allowing us to store our beer, bottle our beer, help with establishing ties within the industry, providing guidance on licensing and the things we need to do that had been overlooked to brewing our first commercial release they have gone above and beyond. Not to mention the many samples of Three Rivers award winning beer they have allowed us to have along the way!

The feeling at South Fremantle Brewing is that without the help we have received we would not be in a position to be launching our SESSION IPA this Saturday, and can’t wait to share a beer with you all, before the real hard work starts!

See you all on Saturday!

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