A Quick Intro.

First brew day for our pilot batch release. Is this the beginning of a long and delicious journey? Hopefully! If not, it certainly smells good in the meantime!

To get the introductions out of the way firstly, we are South Fremantle Brewing and today we are (as we currently write this, hence the amazing smell) brewing our first batch of South Fremantle Brewing’s Session IPA. This beer is what we have decided to be our launch beer as it is the beer that spawned the idea of pursuing this crazy adventure.

From the beginning, we’re a bunch of Fremantle based home brewers coming together in an attempt to get more people to drink our beers. If anyone has ever partied in Fremantle, you have most definitely drunk our beer in the past. From humble beginnings brewing for parties in a back yard chook shed to enlisting the help of Mark and Trina at Three Rivers Brewing to push on with our pilot run. If anyone is asking their help has been nothing short of incredible! More about these legends in a later post.

The next few weeks look like they’re going to be fairly exciting as we gear up towards our launch party! Are we nervous? Yes! Are we exited? Incredibly!

Keep an eye out for launch dates, venues we’ll be on tap at and a few more details about who we are and how we have gotten here.

Take care and drink locally!

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